GET /playlist


With no required parameters, this service is designed to provide timely and relevant stories with as little effort as possible. Add desired length for a more fine-tuned playlist.

Build a theme playlist: Append a search query to create a playlist tailored around a central theme. There is no limit to the theme. It can be a topic, a concept, or an entity. To enhance the experience, we make additional efforts to optimize the content around highly-demanded themes.

API Endpoint

GET /v1/playlist

Query Parameters

Name Type Description
String Search query used to generate a themed playlist. e.g., self-driving car, virtual reality
Number Playlist length in minutes.
Default is 30 minutes.
String Specifies the mix of news and podcasts.
Default is “Nice Mix”. Other options include “Extra News”, “Just News”, and “Just Podcasts”

Try it!

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  • 90

Example Request

$ curl

Example Response