Otto Everywhere

With “Otto Everywhere” your customers can experience personalized audio content from top news outlets and podcast publishers with just a few lines of code.

Example Uses

Automotive OEMs

Now your drivers can listen to news and podcasts about subjects they choose during commutes, road trips or just a quick trip to the store.

Smarthome speakers

Let your users wake up and get their own front-page of news read to them or hear podcasts about nearly anything under the sun.

Smart appliances

Allow your customers to hear celebrity-chef gossip or catch the latest episode of their favorite foodie podcasts while cooking or working in the kitchen.

Wireless headphones

Turn your listeners’ next workout into a world news briefing or their evening dog walk into a mystery-theater adventure.

Content distributors

Quickly build a podcast vertical to enrich your customer’s browsing experience.

Better radio

Anywhere radio works, Otto works better!

Otto Everywhere is broken down into three main services:

Push-button Station

The ultimate lean-back experience. Receive playlists with the push of a button.

GET /playlist

Theme Station

A radio station limited only by your imagination. Append a search query and receive themed playlist around a specific subject that you’re curious about now.

GET /playlist?query=technology

News and Podcast Recommendations

Control the listening experience. Receive top news and trending podcasts and present them to your customers in the order you prefer.

GET /news

GET /podcasts